The problem is that there are not enough independent, 2d platform styled games, therefor the challenge and task was to come up with a fresh and exciting game franchise proposal for a new 2d platform style game. Important was to create exciting game goals and objectives based on traditional principles of a 2d platform game.
2D Platform Game
UX/UI Design
Game goalS



The aim of this brief was to create a 2D platformer game that was designed with an African folklore theme. The objective and deliverables consisted of how well we could combine and execute the design and application of game fundamentals such as sprites, levels, gaming goals and objectives, game play, natrrative and character development, game environments, camera tracking and game achievements. As well as advanced visual communication principles in the execution of game design user interfaces and how these complimented the final user experience.



Msitu Kumbu Kumbu is Swahili for memory forest. Swahili is the native language of Congo, the country in which our game takes place. Msitu Kumbu Kumbu is based on the African Folktale of a magic tree that grants your deepest wishes. The idea of a magic tree that could hold your deepest desires was an idea that interested us greatly. We also felt that this folktale would give us plenty of creative freedom.

The main goal of Msitu Kumbu Kumbu is to regain all the character memories to find out his past and how he landed here in the middle of the Congo Forest in this 2D Platformer Game.




Our character draws inspiration from traditional swahili masks and patterns. the main straw design of its head is drawn from a traditional staw outfit wore by tribal men. our character is gender neautral and somewhat anthropromorphious, allowing our character to be applicable to all players.

Our characters’ Sprite sheets consists an Idol, a Walk, a Jump, a Throw and a Death cycle.

Our enemies’ Sprite sheets consists an Idol, a Patrol, an Attack and a Death cycle.


Our protagonist wakes up in the middle of the forest in the Congo with no recollection of who he is, where he is from or what he is doing in the forest. You accompany him through the dangerous and frightening jungle, fending off dangerous creatures in search of his memories. After traversing through many obstacles our character is rewarded with a memory shard at the end of every level. The aim of the game is to collect all the memory shards that eventually build his memory crystal which restores his memory.


constant on screen depiction of lives and health of player


Throughout the game, our protagonist has to find and collect his lost items throughout the forrest. these items allude to who he is and all relate back to his lost memories.


Our protagonist is on a mission to find all the memory shards located at the end of each level, that form part of the memory crystal that will restore all their lost memories.


Fireflies act as light and healing respawn points throughout the game


We have designed a large variety of underground and above ground platforms that form part of both the roots and branches of the memory tree.


various decorative ambient objects can be found throughout our game world.