My character is a young adult male. He is the average height of a LED his age (that being 4cm tall), and he is the average weight of 1 gram. He has one eye and which is naturally is blue. He is very rigid in his movements. His appearance is that of a LED with a robot body. His very joints themselves give him a sporty “skater” look, as though he is wearing knee and elbow pads. His emotions are portrayed through his over exaggerated eye, and extendable neck.


He is a well adjusted but somewhat lonely individual. He likes to help others, often to the detriment of himself, which often makes him look like a pushover, because he avoids confronting those who use him. Buck is very curious, stubborn and optimistic. He loves problem solving, and can’t imagine a world where there isn't a solution to every problem he comes across.


He comes from a home of absent parents. He grew up in a middle to low income household which means that he works as a component within a machine for very long hours on end, often resulting in long shifts, with little pay and acknowledgement. His job is thankless, stressful and repetitive. Buck has always preferred solitude, and thus doesn't have anyone in his close circle except himself.


This event required individuals to conceptualise and develop a main character, and supporting characters, for an animated short film.

Students were evaluated on :


As the only remaining functioning component in an electronic world, Buck is called upon to restore light to his planet, when all life suddenly ceased to exist.

Buck is the only remaining working component in a machine. He is styled as a hybrid electronic component with an LED head that illuminates his path. Like his world, he is worn and slightly damaged. Buck, due to his stubborn nature, will not accept that his world is dead. He metaphorically and literally lights up his world with his presence and aims to restore life once again.

The target audience for this short film is teenagers and young adults, ages ranging from 15 to 24 years, who work extensively with computers and have experienced said computer crashing on them first hand.

The concept behind this piece is to relate to the human truth that in today’s society, our whole world is stored within our computer and when these machines that we entrust our lives to fail us and crash, our whole world ceases to exist.


This event required individuals to conceptualise and formulate a premise and story for an animated short film.

Students were evaluated on :


This event required individuals to utilise their knowledge of backgrounds and space to create a world in which their character lives and fulfils its purpose.

Because Buck is a half damaged electronic component in a world that suddenly ceased to be, it only felt right that his environment should reflect that loss of life, love and hope. His world is a metaphor for many things. The literal metaphor of a broken computer, the paradoxical symbolism of hopelessness and loss as well as optimism and hope, and the disillusionment of the individual, how lost and hopeless they feel without their connection to technology.

Students were evaluated on :


This event required individuals to utilise technical skills to execute their final animation short as well as an accompanying trailer.

Students were evaluated on :


This event required individuals to utilise technical and design skills to execute a fully functioning interactive website.

Montage of Heck is an alternative and creative take on a biography style film. Inspired by the film's aesthetics, this website is an ode not only to Cobain himself, but his biography film Montage of Heck. This website acts a condensed version of the film, highlighting 5 key periods in Cobain’s life. This site serves as a direct marketing extension for the film, to pique the viewer's interest and inspire them to engage with the film.

Students were evaluated on :


This event required individuals to utilise Adobe After Effects to execute 3 motion graphic short clips as it relates to their relative chosen haikus.

Haiku nr. 1

This Haiku by Andrea Dietrich has been portrayed as a dream. The mograph starts off as a beautiful dream, where a love and a precious memory is remembered, but by the end of the clip, reality sets in, and all the memories are left behind.

Haiku nr. 2

This Haiku by Kim Merryman has been portrayed as the cycle of nature.

Haiku nr. 3

This Haiku by Janina Michelle Araneta has been portrayed as an ice-cream dessert and marshmallows. This motion graphic short is simple and light hearted, referencing the emotions felt by the viewer about ice-cream.

Students were evaluated on :